How being good at poker can help you be a better presenter

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Recently a participant in a workshop I was conducting for a senior team, was working on projecting energy in his voice, face and body. To help him with this, he tapped an ‘energy strength’ in his personal life and plugged that strength into his work-life speaking and presenting.

Let me explain: In this man’s personal life he was a keen, highly competitive poker player. In his poker playing, he did project energy in his voice, face and body.

In my work with him I suggested he take his ‘energy-filled’ poker playing voice, face and body and plug it into his work interactions, meetings and speaking. Through Intentional Daily Practice his work-life speaking now has a regular element of energy which attracts the ears of his listeners when he speaks.

The ‘how to apply’ for this post: Reflect on what positive behaviours and attitudes you demonstrate in your personal life. Consider how these behaviours/attitudes could be plugged into your working life, sales presentations and other interactions. If you find a behavior/attitude, trial it in a safe situation and reflect on its impact.


p.s. Here is an elaboration of another of the services (all of the services were listed at the end of a prior post, thttp://www.kellyspeech.com.au/2012/03/serious-doesnt-mean-competent-or-intelligent/) that you can buy from me.

Face, body language and voice analysis at senior candidate interviews

When you’re hiring people for a senior roles, I can sit-in on the final interview and provide face, body language and voice analysis of the candidate. At the end of the interview I can give the interviewers my analysis of the candidate. This analysis would include the congruence of the candidate’s face, voice and body language with the person’s spoken messages.

As making a wrong hiring decision can be very costly, this analysis can contribute to making a wise decision on whether to hire a person or not. Please contact me on ph: (02) 9416 2311 or at: michael@kellyspeech.com.au if you want to discuss this service. Thank you.

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