PM Morrison’s STATESMANLIKE presentation

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I have lambasted Scott Morrison for his leadership communication in the past. For example, in these two posts:



However, last night on a television broadcast regarding new measures for a COVID-19 world, Morrison was statesmanlike.

As his started speaking, the presentation of himself and his messages was sober, matching the seriousness of the present situation.

In the opening 29 seconds of the clip Morrison was at his best.

His facial expression, body language, voice and measured speaking cadence conveyed the depth of his concern and the empathy he felt, and well-reflected the concerns of the citizens he leads.

This was statesmanship of a high order (please see the clip below)

Later in the clip Morrison was light in his feeling tone not taking himself too seriously. This tone – combined with the earlier sombre delivery – engendered trust.

Morrison, through his presentation, carried out (and which in my view is) the first job of a leader. Namely, to provide clarity when there is doubt, and hope when there is fear.

Here is the clip and LINK to the clip

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