PM Morrison WINS first election DEBATE

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Political debates between leaders at the National level are about projecting a personality, a bearing, a national and world view that voters find appealing. They’re not about scoring points.

Leaving aside the value of their policies and views, and scoring them against a benchmark of a competent, inspiring, forward-looking, calm-under-pressure leader of state, conveyed through facial expressions, body language, voice, feeling tone and self-possession –

this past Monday night, in the first Australian leaders debate between Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten, I scored Morrison the winner 7.5/10 – because he ‘owned the situation’.

Here is my ANALYSIS of the debate from an interview with Nine Network journalist, Matthew Dunn.

Facial expressions, body language, voice and self-possession matter, because they reveal aspects of a person’s character and personality. They are a window into the soul of the person.

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