Make your pitch the winner on pitch day

The problem

Pitching for a substantial piece of business, against competition, is an expensive process. It is a time-consuming process. It’s a ‘people-consuming’ process.

The crucial point in the process, is the Pitch-day presentation. This presentation will determine if you win – or not.

All the time, the money and the people resources you’ve invested can be lost:

  • if the pitch-day presentation does not have a clear compelling message.
  • if the presentation is not succinctly, and memorably delivered by a team of believable, credible, passionate presenters.

Yet many organisations devote limited effort to, and have mediocre skill, in the planning, staging and delivering the Pitch-day presentation.

The solution

Plan. Stage. Deliver.

Michael Kelly assists organisation to plan, stage and deliver a winning Pitch-day presentation.

In a nut-shell: Michael ‘Makes your Pitch the Winner, on Pitch-day’.

Michael has helped organisations win multi-million dollar pitches. He works with organisations in a support or support/presenter role.

The Process

Planning & Staging

Michael’s support in the final 14 days prior to Pitch-day includes:

  • Michael works on repetitive dry-runs of Pitch-day messages with entire Pitch team (presenters and other team members) with associated delivery media (Start 14 days from pitch-day).
  • Michael works with Pitch team on the Staging of Pitch-day, from the moment the client enters the premises until they exit.
  • Staging decisions questions include: Will there be music, how long and what will you do for social time; How much time should be allotted to each section of the presentation; What should presenters wear/not wear?
  • Specific messages are assigned to respective presenters. (Start 14 days from pitch-day)
  • Michael has one on one video coaching consultations with Pitch-day presenters on their delivery. (start 10 days from pitch-day)
  • Observation of delivery of entire dry run presentation and fine-tuning. (Start 5 days from pitch day)
  • Michael puts presenters under pressure with tough sample questions and challenging interaction styles.
  • Day-before Pitch-day review. Michael leads review and fine-tuning of the entire Pitch-day including the Staging, flow and delivery.


  • On pitch-day, Michael will help create the right mindset and emotion for the Pitch-team and the presenters so their preparation effort is realized.
  • Post pitch-day debrief and review. Michael will take them through a debrief learning process of the Pitch-day Staging, Flow and Delivery

(*** In addition to the support role Michael can be one of the Pitch-day presenters)

How is the solution packaged?

Package 01
Prior to a live pitch Michael will give his second opinion, analysis of the pitch and give options for how it might have more impact.

Package 02
For dedicated pitch teams: Review of past pitch-day presentations – their structure, flow, their messages, and presenter’s personal communication delivery.

Package 03
For organisations with no dedicated pitch team Michael will provide:

Final 14 day pitch support for planning, staging and delivery of the presentation. (starting 14 days from pitch-day).

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