Why you need to project certainty

 In Body language

People will believe your certainty. They may not know if an idea is good or not – but they will believe how certain you are that it is a good idea. Your certainty is portrayed through your face and body language, how you handle, carry and conduct yourself, through your voice and the words you use, through how you listen, and through how you ask and respond to questions.

Projecting certainty does not mean you are certain about everything you say. It’s more the manner, of how your project yourself. You can project certainty through the above features even when you do not have a definite view on a matter.

A beginning area to develop that I suggest to my sales presentation clients is to project certainty through your gaze and through holding eye contact. Less certain people spend less time holding the eye contact of others during interactions – they flitter with their gaze. More certain people, hold eye contact longer and have less darting eyes.

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