People can SEE your COMB-OVER

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The following might be tough to read for some men readers.

Let me explain.

When I ask senior leaders what behaviour or attitude has paid off for them in their careers, many say ‘Transparency, Candour, Frankness’ and similar words.

The top performers I work with don’t hide who they are. They realise that whenever someone sees them or hears them it forms an impression and a potential for loss or for gain.

With transparency and the thought that you’re always leaving an impression in mind, let me suggest this (and excuse my temerity):

That, if you have a ‘comb-over’, you consider changing your hair style so there is no comb-over. This may mean shaving a part of your head that has thinned or shaving your entire head.

I’m not suggesting this is an easy thing to do.

However, in my view, ‘hiding’/covering over the skin of your head, is not consistent with a transparent presentation of yourself to the world.


Own the Conversation

Consider doing this

  1. Get trusted person(s) feedback on your hairstyle.
  2. If you decide to change your hairstyle, discuss styling options with your hair cutter – that convey a transparent presentation of yourself.


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