Why you should use this eye contact technque when presenting

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To make a strong physical connection when you’re speaking to a group of people, cycle through the following technique: ‘Pause, lock & speak’. Here’s an explanation of the technique. 1. Pause: This means that when speaking, always inject pauses or pause gaps between your thought groups (English speakers talk in thought groups).

2. Lock & speak: This means to ‘lock’ on to the eyes or hold eye contact with one person while you ‘Speak’ a thought group. Then pause, lock eyes with another person and speak your next thought group, and so on.  The ‘Pause, lock & speak technique will help the audience better process what you’re saying and it also conveys certainty.

Throughout your message delivery, continue to cycle through the ‘Pause, lock & speak’ technique. Aim to give equal ‘eye lock time’ to each person in the room.

The ‘how to apply’ for this post: In the next seven days when delivering a message to a group, for the first 30 seconds of your delivery, intentionally practice the ‘Pause, lock & speak’ technique.

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