Three powerful techniques to look like a leader

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When you’re face to face in sales presentation to a client/prospective client, how you hold, carry and conduct your body will influence the authority and confidence the client will have in you.

In general, own and occupy space with your body. Here are three ‘how to’ steps to do this owning and occupying. The first ‘how to’:  When you approach a chair for a sit down meeting, adjust the chair away from the table. Place it at a slight off-angle to the table. (people with less authority sit at 90 degree angles to meeting tables – almost as if they’re at attention, and they minimise the space their body occupies). Sit yourself ‘fully’ in the chair facing the client. 

The second ‘how to’: Imagine there is an invisible semicircle immediately in front of you as you face the client. (the semicircle extends from 30 centimetres either side of your body, and extends 45cm in front of you.) Rest your arms and hands on the table within the semicircle. As you interact with the client think of owning that semicircle table space. As you interact with the client, occupy and use that table space, as appropriate (eg. a hand gesture when speaking a strong point).

The third ‘how to’: Sit at the table with an ‘alert’, erect posture.

Doing these things will help you to be perceived as a confident and authoritative business person.

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