Confident Personal Communications

If you don’t believe in the messenger you won’t believe the message.

You might have top level technical skills but if people don’t believe in you, through how you listen, speak, present, handle, carry and conduct yourself – you’ll not maximise the potential of your career.

Michael Kelly has developed a 20 Module Confident Personal Communication video program which takes the key ideas and techniques of his face to face client work and chunks them into 20 two minute video Modules with a PDF transcription of the clip and a quick, simple task to complete for every Module.

The series will give you practical techniques you can readily apply to – maximise the potential of your career – whatever you want to do in it. It will help you improve how you perform in a job interview, to win the crucial first 75 seconds of the interview. It will help improve how you listen and improve how others perceive you as a listener.

More than this, you’ll get these new techniques and ideas, packaged in easily digestible two minute Modules, at two weekly intervals, direct to your email inbox, that you can view on-demand when and where you need them. For example, right before a meeting with your boss.

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I’d love you to experience a complimentary test-drive of the programme by signing up to receive three Modules of the process. The three module include:

  • How to land a job through ‘winning’ the first 75 seconds
  • A field-tested listening focus technique
  • A speaking technique that Barack Obama uses

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