Choice Voice with Bob Carr


The programme features an exclusive interview with pitch consultant and leading body language and speech expert Michael Kelly – with luminary speaker, former New South Wales Premier and Australian Foreign minister Bob Carr.

Bob has had the best speaking voice in the last half century of Australian public life. His passion and dedication to developing his voice is well known.

This programme reveals the voice and speaking secrets that Bob has used to propel his stellar career.

The programme also features a Master Class with Michael Kelly and two students.

In Michael’s interview with Bob, Bob shares plentiful ideas and techniques to help you improve your voice. Ideas such as the importance of brevity. Bob’s comment on brevity is: ‘When it doubt – strike it out’.

As well, Bob gives wise techniques for thinking on your feet. In this section, Bob maintains, ‘You don’t get marked down for being thoughtful’.

In the Master Class section of the programme, Michael shares his signature YA, YA, YA voice technique with two students as they practice tasks such as pitching an idea and telling a joke.

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Program Details

Part 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Three Lessons
  3. Bob’s Voice
  4. Bob’s Voice – Part 2
  5. Voices Bob Likes
  6. Unexpected Question
  7. Bob Demonstrates
  8. Michael coaches Bob
  9. Bob’s Advice

Part 2

  1. Introduction
  2. Exploration
  3. The Key Points
  4. Counting Practice
  5. Common Phrases
  6. More Phrases
  7. Measured ‘ya ya ya’
  8. Inviting a Friend
  9. Qualification
  10. How to Apply
  11. Final ‘ya ya ya’


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