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If you don’t believe in the messenger you won’t believe the message. And you can’t believe in the messenger unless you know what the messenger believes.

Top-level executives speak out – again and again – on their beliefs and on their vision for their people and their organisation. Through their personal communication they inspire their team members to take action and to believe in themselves.

Michael Kelly trains executives to be perceived as inspiring, articulate, credible and interested in their audiences. He helps executives improve how they listen, how they speak and how they ask questions.

He helps them improve how they respond to questions, how they use their voice, how they use their eyes, gaze and facial expressions, and how they present, handle, carry and conduct their body.

The training helps executives improve in every type of interaction, meeting and presentation they encounter – including stand-up presentations, sit down meetings, one-on-one meetings, boardroom meetings, networking events, chance encounters and media interviews, as well as phone, teleconference and email communication.

The coaching process starts with Michael deconstructing an executive’s personal communication and identifying key behaviours for improvement.

The process involves a series of iterative, Modules followed by immediate candid feedback.

The Problem

Executives want to:

  • Advance their career and upgrade the influence and impact they have in their organization.
  • Work on interesting projects that exploit their unique set of skills.
  • Be perceived as confident, articulate and inspiring in meetings and in interactions with their CEO, their board of directors, their peers and their direct reports.
  • Have the respect and trust of their board, their CEO, their peers and their direct reports.
  • Be short-listed for inclusion in high profile, project teams and secondments.
  • Be seen as a luminary in their domain area.

The problem is how to achieve these outcomes:

  • When there are fewer and fewer role opportunities as you ascend the corporate ladder, and intense competition for those opportunities.
  • When working in a brutal, corporate environment where you have to juggle the following:
  • Organize, inspire and develop your direct reports
  • Handle pressure from peers
  • Manage your boss
  • Work extreme hours
  • Create a personal brand and reputation throughout the organisation
  • Balance work and home life
  • When you are exposed to people who play political, energy sapping, games.
  • When you have to retrench good people.

The Solution

Michael Kelly assists executives:

  • Be perceived, as a top performer through how they listen, speak, present, handle and conduct themselves.
  • Be perceived, as articulate, inspiring and competent – and as a person to trust.
  • Create a powerful, personal brand and personal presence, that aligns with their character.
  • Have reflex ‘listen and speak under pressure’ techniques to deftly handle challenging interactions and environments.
  • Strengthen their identity as a visionary leader.
  • With on-demand, phone, text and email support.
  • With strategic advice for career progression.

Overall, Michael is a trusted leadership communication adviser and ally to executives.

How is the solution packaged?

The solution is packaged in three versions:

  1. Face-to Face training
  2. Face-to-Face/Video conference
  3. Video conference


  1. The Face-to-Face version comprises a six, 1.5 hour modules spaced over a three month time frame.
  2. The Face-to-Face/Video Conference version comprises ten modules with Face-to-Face modules alternated with Video conference modules. There are two 1.5 hour, Face-to-Face Modules and eight Video conference modules. Video conference modules are of 60 and 30 minutes, respectively. The time frame of this version is four to five months.
  3. The Video conference version comprises eleven modules. Module One is a 1.5 hour module and the remaining ten modules are of 60 and 30 minutes, respectively. The time frame for this version is approximately six months.

The components of the training programme include:

  • The executive bringing real life business communication challenges to the consultations.
  • M Kelly giving/modelling options to handle the challenges, and coaching the executive to speak and present with certainty, energy and simplicity.
  • Giving the executive fresh body language, voice, word selection, message structure and Q&A ideas, techniques and schemas for:
    • large group presentations and boardroom pitches
    • one on one meetings with the senior executives
    • chance encounters with senior executives
    • video conferences and one on one meetings with direct reports
    • direct report team meetings
    • phone interactions and voicemail messages
    • networking events
  • Proven between-Module practice repertoires and ‘trusted people’ feedback, methods.
  • As appropriate, M. Kelly, observing the executive at live events with after-event feedback.

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