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“I’ve been at a big conference this week in Nashville and actively working on my networking skills. I took your advice and posted my Action Areas (technique I need to work on) on the door of my hotel room.
Every time I left my room I reflected on them. Great advice. Thank you.”

The above message was an email sent to me by a client. As the person suggests, putting a note with a technique you want to develop and posting it/taping it to a place that you often walk by and is in your line of sight, is a great way to practice and embed a technique over time.

Your Call to action/How to apply for this post: Write a personal communication technique you want to develop on a post-it note. Tape it to your office door (or on another place in your line of sight). Keep the note in place for seven days, to prompt you to practice the technique in your interactions. Reflect on how the technique is becoming a part of your habitual behaviour.

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