Confident Personal Communications

Module 12

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Consider this, when you speak with the YA, YA, YA energy that we covered in Module 10, you can tend to rush the speed of your speaking, and make it difficult for people to understand you. To be perceived as a confident speaker you need to have energy in your voice, but you should never, be perceived, as rushing.

The key message for this Module is:

Use ‘measuring cup’ speaking, to avoid rushing and to project authority.

Here is an explanation of ‘measuring cup’ speaking. Imagine that you could takes words from your head and put them in this measuring cup and then speak them.

Then you put the cup down on the table like this for a silent pause, then refill the measuring cup with words, and speak those words put the cup down, have a silent pause, and so on.

This – is measuring cup speaking.

Here’s a demonstration of measuring cup speaking while using this measuring cup prop.

You never get second chance to listen to someone the first time _____ Because if you’re daydreaming that might be the precise moment the person is sharing the key bit of information____ or if you ask them to repeat what they’ve said ______they may repeat what they’ve said in a less powerful way.

In that example I varied the measure of speaking to add variety. If you speak the same measure of speaking all the time it would bore the audience.

The polar opposite of measuring cup speaking would be like a water hose turned on full blast ,in effect spraying and drenching the audience with your words.

Key Message

Use ‘measuring cup’ speaking, to avoid rushing and to project authority

Please practice the technique first in safe interactions until you’re able to perform it competently.

Your tasks

To do right now, or to complete within the next 30 minutes:

To perform a behaviour you need to be motivated to do it, know how to do it and have a trigger in your daily life to trigger you to perform the behaviour.

This is what I want you to do. Go to the kitchen area/canteen et al at your office and pick up a cup. Bring it to your desk. Make a phone call to someone you have to phone. For the first few utterances of that phone call pick up the cup and ‘measure cup’ your speaking.

That is, tip the cup as you speak, and put it down when you have a silent pause gap.

If you have a favourite cup in your office, mentally label that cup as your ‘measuring cup’ trigger. Even better, whenever you see a cup or glass of any kind, see ‘measuring cup’ lines on the side of the cup/glass as a trigger.

Reflect on how you felt after doing these tasks.

What else could you do to put into practice ideas from this Module? Take 13 seconds to see if an idea pops up. Maybe watch the Module again if you have time.