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Welcome to my posts for 2018.

I’m excited about the recent rebranding of my company and my new website.

I urge you to check out the new site – michaelkelly.com.au

As part of the new site, I’ve divided my 350+ blog posts into the following categories. Namely:

Body language



Learning from luminaries


Message creation


These superordinate categories have subordinate categories. For example, in the ResourcesBody language category, the subordinate categories are Facial expression, Gesturing, Negative technique and Owning space.

Under the Resources > Learning from luminaries category you can learn from luminaries such as Barack Obama, George Clooney, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Colin Powell and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. You also filter by the sub-categories such as Actors, Politicians and Philosophers.

The value for you of this categorisation is that, as needed,  you now can quickly and easily access a number of posts for a particular category.

For example, when you’re constructing a presentation you can go to the Resources > Message creation category, where you’ll find 75+ posts to help you excel in planning your presentation.

For a high pressure pitch you’re involved in, you can access 90+ posts in the Resources > Mindset category.

This year, my posting schedule has changed. Rather than one post per week – I’ll be sending you one in-depth post per month. In addition, at various times, there will be guest posts.

The first in-depth post will be sent on 22 February.

Thank you for support of my work. I appreciate it!

OWN the Conversation

  • Check out the website michaelkelly.com.au
  • In particular, investigate the Resources section.
  • Consider an upcoming (potential or actual) presentation and, your major leadership communication need. In preparation for the presentation check out relevant posts to get ideas and techniques to help you improve how you communicate and present.

NB. From Monday 19 February my new email address will be:


From Monday please send emails to that address (emails to michael@kellyspeech.com.au will still reach me)


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