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‘I put every ounce of my being, into every word I sing’.Make Yourself Heard written on a board

A number of year back while listening to a radio interview, an opera singer relayed the above quote, when asked about her singing technique.

Here’s how this quote is relevant to you.

If opera singers can put every ounce of their being into every word they sing – because they understand the value of that effort – surely, you can put more effort into your speaking.

Perhaps not ‘every ounce of your being’ effort. One or two notches up, in effort, is achievable.

People that listen to you, will appreciate the effort and energy you put into your speaking. As the saying goes,

Energy is 70% of a job –

 if you don’t have it, be nice.

This effort will help you avoid the ‘dribbling down your chin effect’.

Let me explain.

At times I hear speakers who have so little energy in their voice, it’s like their voice is ‘dribbling’ down their chin, ‘splatting’ on their front and then onto their shoes.

Your CALL to Action/HOW to apply for this post:  To start with, add more effort when you pronounce the final consonants of words ending in P, T, K..

For example, for the word ‘project’, notch up your effort in your pronunciation on the final ‘t’ sound so it sounds like ‘projecT’. Keep your normal speaking speed while doing this, and don’t worry if you don’t alway nail the increase the effort for a consonant.

p.s. Is voicemail ‘dead’? For some people it is. That is, if a person leaves them a voicemail message, they don’t listen to it. Rather they might ignore the message or phone the number logged in their phone.

For those of you that still have people leaving you voicemail messages, and you want to sharpen your voicemail greeting, check out this post 

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