Month of the Orator, Part Two – learn from the best

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For August of this year I chose the blog theme of Month of Orator.

I’ve themed this month as Month of the Orator, Part Two.

This is due, to November being the month that:

-U.S. president, Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address (19 November 1863).

-U.S. senator, Robert F Kennedy was born (25 November 1925). Kennedy’s most famous speech occurred on the date Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated.

Samuel Clemens (pen name Mark Twain) was born (30 November 1835). Clemens, though not known as a speaker, is often referred to as the father of American literature.

Below is the clip and text of Kennedy’s 4:40 minute speech in Indianapolis, Indiana after hearing of King’s assassination. 

If ever there was a speech that was the right one, at the right time, by the right person, in the right manner, for the right reason, and with the right feeling tone – a speech that had a direct correlation to preventing violence – this speech has to be on the short list.

After King’s assassination, there were riots in all major American cities, but

because of Kennedy’s short speech – there were no riots in Indianapolis. 

As you’ll see described in the clip, Kennedy’s spoke virtually off the cuff with little preparation. In effect, trusting that the right words would come.

Below the video clip is a link to the text of the the speech.

LINK to the clip.

Here is the clip

Here is the text of the speech.

Own the Conversation

Let me suggest in light of Kennedy’s speech, that at certain times – times when you have deep feeling about a matter – that it may be best to speak without notes, trusting that the words will arise from that feeling.

p.s. Many of my clients are unsure of how to hold and gesture with their hands when speaking. To help you with this check out this post entitled, Spencer Tracy – Using your hands, advice.

p.p.s. Recently I had a chat with writer/director Ian Thomson who is leading a project to create awareness about mental health and suicide prevention in rural Australia through narrative fiction. His film should start conversations and drive awareness and engagement.

Here is a link to the film project’s website:
Ian recently screened the film at THE BLACK DOG INSTITUTE in Sydney as part of THE BIG ANXIETY creative arts festival.
You can follow project updates on Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/theinvisibleedge.com.au/
Ian is currently looking for opportunities to screen the film as part of information evenings about men’s mental health. If you would like to screen the film, please contact Ian. IAN W THOMSON, Director /  Writer, Creativity for Change M: +61 (0)4298 99944 E: ian@ianwthomson.comI: http://www.ianwthomson.com

#You might want to trial my Confident Personal Communication video learning programme because it will give you practical techniques to ‘Own the Conversation’.

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  • Ian Thomson

    Thank you for your support of my film project THE INVISIBLE EDGE, raising awareness for men’s mental health in rural Australia Michael. Regards, Ian

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