Michael Kelly weighs in on Gladys Berejiklian’s body language in resignation speech

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‘Utterly destroyed’: Expert weighs in on Gladys Berejiklian’s body language in resignation speech

Elizabeth Daoud for 7NEWS
Published: Friday, 1 October 2021 8:46 PM AEST

Outgoing NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian was “utterly destroyed” as she announced her resignation, according to a body language expert.

Berejiklian, who has held the top spot since 2017, said on Friday she would step down from the role after the Independent Commission Against Corruption announced it would investigate her over her relationship with ex-MP Daryl Maguire.

Body language expert Michael Kelly said Berejiklian’s ashen face revealed how she truly felt at making the announcement.

“Walking up to the microphone, she was utterly destroyed,” Kelly told 7NEWS.com.au.

Berejiklian was ‘utterly destroyed’ Credit: AAP

She got through her speech in haste. Credit: AAP

The devastation was also apparent in her facial expressions, Kelly added.

“She’s very genuine in how she sees her role,” he said.

“It’s almost like (she thought) ‘I want to get this over as quickly as possible”.

That was reiterated in her rapid speech cadence, Kelly added.

Berejiklian pinched her nose several times during the press conference, showing she was at an “emotional tipping point”.

The outgoing premier was at an ‘emotional tipping point’ in announcing her resignation. Credit: AAP

“It was so devastating but she didn’t lose it,” he said.

“She was so tough, so much pain but she took it on the chin and then she left.

“I would not doubt she did give it her all.”

Berejiklian said she was on Thursday night informed ICAC would be announcing the investigation and that she was given “no option” but to resign.

Gladys addressed the media for the final time as premier. Credit: AAP

“My resignation as premier could not happen at a worse time, but the timing is completely outside of my control as the ICAC has chosen to take this action during the most challenging weeks of the most challenging times in the history of NSW,” she said on Friday.

“Resigning at this time is against every instinct of my being.

“I love my job and serving the community but I have been given no option.

“I’m extremely confident that whoever succeeds me will be more than capable of continuing this job. Please give them your trust and confidence.”

Berejiklian kept her composure. Credit: AAP

It’s expected a party room vote will take place on Tuesday to determine the state’s next leader.

“My only regret will be not to be able to finish the job to ensure the people of New South Wales transition to living freely with COVID,” Berejiklian said.

Berejiklian also announced she is resigning from the NSW Parliament once she has consulted the Electoral Commission on the appropriate time for a by-election in her seat of Willoughby, given the current COVID restrictions in Sydney.

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