Message creation

What is message creation and why is message creation important to becoming a master communicator?

Message creation is how you prepare, plan and structure your messages.

Message creation is important because it can determine how well people understand and/or act upon your key messages.

For example, master communicators know that ‘less is more’. That is, using less words to convey an idea has more impact. They know that ‘tight’ structured messages tailored to the audience project certainty and win approval.

Master your message creation with this collection of articles.

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How to craft a clear message
Are you a leader or a manager?
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Analysis of Optus CEO’s response to cyber attack
Why talent is overrated
The danger of saying “I let my work speak for itself”
A simple way to handle a tedious conversation
Accenture CEO on how to package a message
Difficult conversations in the post-pandemic era
My three, top tips for more productive hybrid meetings
Remembering Colin Powell
Ernest Hemingway on getting the words right
LeBron James & Kobe Bryant’s Coach on Winning a Pitch
How Gen. Colin POWELL projects CERTAINTY when he communicates
The DANGER of PREconceived NOTIONS
The POWER of it, CAN’T be OVER-estimated . . .
Do YOU Mistake ACTIVITY, for Action
FOUR minutes = a FULL Day
DO you SQUANDER Your First HOUR?
Are YOU a GREAT Simplifier?
Job INTERVIEW? Do you KNOW how to NAIL the CRUCIAL first 7 minutes
Do you HAVE a PLAYBOOK for video office SET-UP and VIRTUAL communication?
The ART of Communication through VIDEO conferencing – GEMS
GUIDE on WHEN to do FACE to Face versus VIDEO meetings, RE-visited
VIDEO conference communication MASTERY – 2 minute SERIES
GET more speaking IMPACT with this DRILL
LEADERSHIP tips from former TWITTER MD
REQUIRED reading for LEADERS – E. Shackleton’s LESSONS
KEY techniques for PRODUCTIVE video/tele CONFERENCES
How to choose WORDS & SYNTAX for a POWERFUL Message
TIP for ‘NEW to Australia’, NON-English EXECUTIVES
STOP Press: NEW Video – PLAN and DELIVER memorable presentations
“I DON’T Understand your key message”
PowerPoint. Why you’re still abusing audiences with it, and what to do about it
Here’s how to worksmith an important message
Easy ways to practice for informal encounters with senior execs
How to prepare to give bad news about a job interview
How to give feedback to your boss on his presentations
Learn the best months to ask for a raise
10 ways to handle a glass half-empty colleauge
How to use sound, video and images to make vivid presentations
Plan vivid presentations with help from master director David Fincher
Ways to help English second language speaker with pronunciation
11 presentation structures inspired by Keith Emerson
What famous composer can teach you about planning presentations
A process for constructing business metaphors
3 communicate upward techniques
Use these field-tested pitch techniques to hook your audience
An explanation of why just 2 seconds forms an impression of you
Practical ways to Not, be a English language chauvinist
Learn from rating yourself against these 5 Buddhist strengths
Great questions senior execs can ask to understand what’s going on
Golf Jack Nicklause strategy on visualisation explained
Learn what to avoid from this true pitch story of wasting time
How to use the AIDA schema to construct your pitch
A true story about a missed pitching opportunity
How to profit from Mark Twain’s take on clear speaking
Why BDMs need to target Hope, Love or Fear
A true story about deep knowledge versus ‘chauffer knowledge’
How ‘Help me out here’ is a great phrase for screw-ups
What is a pre-mortem and using it to win your pitch
Make senior execs think with these 26 questions
Why every banker comes to revile the word ‘pitch’
Two questions for your pitch preparation
5 ideas for BDM prospecting
Questions to get inide the head of pitch prospect
A 6 step formal speaking structure for your presentation delivery
This question – will give your pitch a winning edge
Why pitching with a prop can give you an edge
How to forecast the reason for your pitch success
A great six minute template for you pitch
Learn from IKEA’S simplicity virture
What moving toward an audience increases your confidence
What a schema is and why top performers use them
Insightful questions senior execs can ask their reports
Ban this phrase from your PowerPoint presentations
NESB exec? Here’s a way to improve you informal comm skills
What senior executives want from you when you present
A surprising statistic on what your audience will remember
Explanation of key acronmym’s use in my training
The orator Cicero on what makes a great speaker
“If you are not on fire . . .
An example of a personal experience used for a business story
A 6 step formal speaking structure for your presentation delivery
Why feedback is a gift
Why you shouldn’t present like Steve Jobs
How to spotlight your key presentaiton message
A simple effective way to ask for and get honest feedback
Use this powerful question for your pitch preparation
A 5 step process on how to influence without authority
Two powerful question for your job interview prep
Make yourself memorable to senior execs with these 19 questions
How to pitch a meeting to a senior exec
My top, three sales ideas/techniques
How to give & receive compliments
Why not to hand out your slides before your presentation
How persuasion links with your conviction
Get clarity on your brand with this One sheet
Why brevity with senior execs is so important
A proven ‘feeling’ question to answer before your meetings
Why ‘deliver a message’ is a better goal than ‘give a speech’
7 ways to confidently close a 1-1 meeting with a prospect
More, ‘fresh’ opening questions to make prospects think in 1-1 meetings
Early ‘tough’ questions, to deliver value early in 1-1 meetings
What to say at reception to save time and project certainty
The versatile ‘Consider this, what if . . .’ opening hook explained
A classice simple structure for your presentation/pitch
Good Questions to Ask When Hiring Sales People
An example of using a prop in winning a pitch
A powerful question to answer to frame your pitch planning
8 more questions to answer to understand your prospect
15 questions to answer to understand your prospect
Key Questions for understanding your prospect
A question to repeatedly ask when preparing your pitch
A structure your can use for any type of speaking

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