Avoid this handshaking mistake

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What does your handshake convey about you?

My view of the handshaking of NSW Premier Gladys Berijiklian with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (please see the 20 second clip below) conveyed overzealousness, nervousness and obsequiousness.*

This was conveyed by the rapid and lengthy hand pumping by Berijiklian. Though not shown in the clip, the pump continued on for an inordinate length of time.

Keqiang’s facial expression conveys mild amusement, as if he is wondering ‘when is this women going to let go of my hand.

Donald Trump has perfected the ‘pull in handshake’. Ms. Berijiklian’s with this performance seems to have perfected the ‘machine gun handshake’.

* My additional view is that this handshake is inconsistent with the behaviour of a confident political leader. A handshake of a confident leader should un-rushed and have a measure of control.

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