Here’s a body language technique you can borrow from John Wayne

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“The most important thing about an actor was what he called ‘attitude. . . “. Howard Hawks meant the actor’s physical attitude, his bodily carriage – how he walks and how he moves.” In my reference library I came across a photocopied piece of paper with above words (I don’t know the name of the book it came from. If you do, please let me know).

On the piece of paper, the following excerpt was written about John Wayne’s body language. “Actor Paul Fix claimed to have invented Wayne’s graceful walk and movement (ie. his physical attitude) for him. In the movie Tall in the Saddle Fix emphasised Wayne’s walk in a scene – where Wayne comes down the town’s main street toward a drunken gunman, not bothering to draw his own gun, intimidating the other man just by the easy purposefulness of his stride.”

So what has this got to do with your walk and body movement. Simply this: How you walk, move, carry and conduct yourself – your physical attitude – conveys volumes about you.

The how to apply for this post:  In the next seven days, observe how people walk, move, carry and conduct themselves and reflect on what those observations are conveying to you about the respective people. Consider what specific aspects contribute to the perception of confidence, or lack of confidence. Consider what aspects you might add to your physical movement that would convey confidence.

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