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You never get a second chance to listen to someone the first time.

Because if you’re daydreaming that might be the precise moment they’re sharing the key bit of information.

In Module #3 of The Art of communication through video conferencing, Series One, you’ll learn a field-tested powerful anti-daydreaming technique.

Here’s the 1:59 minute CLIP.

Own the Conversation

For 15+ years my clients have told me that the DBAE (Don’t Be Anywhere Else) technique has paid-off for them again and again… and again.

It’s one of the top five communication techniques I’ve shared in my career.

I urge you to create an implementation plan to test the DBAE technique over the next seven days.

For example:

  • Stick seven Post-it notes on a wall. Number them 1-7. Each day make a tick after you intentionally use the DBAE technique during an interaction.
  • If you interact with a person everyday, for the next seven days make that person your trigger to intentionally practice the DBAE technique.


p.s this post, concerning politician and former general Colin Powell, entitled Learn from Colin Powell’s 15 media handling lessons will help you perform better in your next under pressure interaction or situation.

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