Learn from the magnetism of former U.S. president Bill Clinton

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Leaving aside the value of his policies, and his behaviour when he was in office in 1992 -2000, U.S president Bill Clinton – in this 3:08 minute clip – delivers a masterful performance. Clinton is one of the best communicators of the last 40 years.

Here is my analysis:

  • Clinton projects indescribable magnetism. From the opening of his response, starting with a light hearted comment, he shifts to a memorable string of words that hooks our attention and charms us: “To be really good at this, you got to like people, you got to like policy and you got to like politics …. and yet, there’s got to be somethings you won’t do, to be good at it.”
  • Clinton’s delivery is unrushed. Similar to what good actors do, he takes all the time in the world to ‘say his lines’. He has such a smooth translation of thoughts to speech.
  • He packages his answer in an open-middle-close structure.
  • The feeling tone he projects conveys a deep belief in the words he is uttering. That makes his audience believe the words, too.
  • Clinton is a superb story teller. He ‘talks in pictures’. He starts a story about being 10 years of age and we readily imagine that young boy watching the Democratic and Republican primaries. We can envisage him eagerly listening to the stories of his family and extended family.

Here is the LINK for the clip

Own the Conversation

Implementation suggestion

Just prior to an upcoming important presentation watch the clip. Consider, if Clinton was delivering your presentation, how would he deliver it. Then take on the ‘cloak’ of Clinton’s presentation of himself and communication of his ideas – as you deliver your presentation.

After your presentation, score yourself on how well you ‘took on the cloak’ of Clinton.


p.s. Another good clip to watch prior to an important presentation – especially to feel deserving of the time you’re taking while speaking – is contained in my post How to communicate like DeNiro & Pacino

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