LEADERSHIP tips from former TWITTER MD

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A number of years ago I was speaking at conference where former Twitter MD of Australia – Karen Stocks – was one of the speakers.

Here are the points on leadership that Stocks shared in her presentation:

* Park your ego.

* Make people want to work for you. To do this show them the path and journey to where you’re going.

* Manage your energy Monday to Friday.

* Put phone on flight mode when not on a plane.

* Turn off email on phone.

* Use this recruiting mind-set: ‘I’m borrowing people for a short time.

People are loaning me their careers.

* A lesson Stocks learned; Exercise power and the perception of power:  There was a situation where Stocks didn’t stop a behaviour that had occurred. The perception of her team was, that she approved of the behaviour (which she didn’t).

Own the Conversation

Which of the above points you could use or adapt to your leadership?

If one resonates make an implementation plan to trial it within the next seven days.


p.s.  As you know in these uncertain times many businesses need to be supported, especially local businesses.

Here are three business owners that provide terrific support for me and my business. Perhaps they could provide the same for you?

p.p.s. Here is a wise, practical article on Helping your relatives stay connected on-line during COVID-19 from award winning educator and UNSW professor Richard Buckland.

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