How Julia Gillard is like Margaret Thatcher

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 In a clip where Margaret Thatcher was defending the sinking of an Argentinian ship, during the Falklands war. – here’s the link: http://margaretthatcher.magnify.net/video/Margaret-Thatcher-SE-ENOJA – you can see and hear Thatcher’s inner steel and ramrod confidence as she counters a persistent questioner. Julia Gillard in her first weeks as Prime Minister has shown similar shades of steel and confidence through her voice, face and body language.

Like Thatcher, the voice, face and body of Gillard reveal she has a deep belief in herself. They reveal that she believes, that no matter what matter or challenge she faces – she will be able to handle it. They reveal an inner toughness. That is why the opinion polls kept her ratings high, despite her mishandling of the recent East Timor refugee processing matter.

On balance, the majority of people will positively rate a leader who has the courage of their convictions. They like a person who when there are dangers about, presents as unafraid. They make their judgements through the person’s voice, face and body – but also through the ‘feeling tone’ of the person. This feeling tone can be the most powerful form of communication.

Gillard has a strong, feeling tone belief, in her ability to confidently lead a nation, and because of this, many people will also share this belief about her.

The ‘how to’ for this blog: Prior to your next sales presentation, ‘sell yourself’ on why the customer/prospect should buy from you, and then in the presentation/meeting ‘deliver’ that conviction through your voice, face, gaze, body and gestures. People will believe your certainty. They may not know if an idea is good or not, but they will believe how certain you are that is is a good idea.

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