Learn from Alan Joyce’s composure under extreme pressure

 In Body language, Facial expression

Leaving aside whether you agree with Alan Joyce’s grounding of Qantas planes or his responses at the Federal Parliament Senate Hearing last week, his dignified performance under the lengthy, intense questioning at the Hearing, is worthy of comment.

Joyce never lost his cool through his voice, face, body or words (ie. he maintained his dignity). Due to this performance, the senators could not penetrate Joyce’s defences (ie. rattle him) despite significant effort.

As Joyce left the Hearing his face conveyed that he was indeed physically and emotionally spent from the energy he had to exert to maintain his dignity, but that energy served him well.

The ‘how to apply’ for this post: Whenever you’re in a pressure situation (in the manner of Joyce) maintain your dignity through your voice, face, body and words. A good mantra to keep in mind is this: ‘He/she who loses their cool – loses.’

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