Confident Personal Communications

Module 1

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“Consider this. If you don’t believe in the messenger you won’t believe the message. You might have top level technical skills but if people don’t believe in you, through how you listen, speak, present, handle, carry and conduct yourself – you’ll not maximise the potential of your career.

I’m Michael Kelly. I’m a business communication consultant and a body language and speech expert. I will lead your through this twenty Module, Confident Personal Communication series.

The series will help you – maximise the potential of your career – whatever you want to do. It will help you improve how you perform in a job interview, to win the crucial first 75 seconds of the interview. It will help improve how you listen and improve how others perceive you as a listener.

It will improve how you use your body to inspire confidence with your peers and with senior executives. It will give you powerful information to inject energy into your voice so people will want to listen to you, as soon as you open your mouth.

In addition, you’ll get key speech pronunciation ideas, how to think on your feet ideas and how to improve your skill at networking events.

More than this, you’ll get these new techniques and ideas, packaged in easily digestible two minute Modules, that you can view on-demand when and where you need them – for example right before an important interview or before a meeting with your boss.

I urge you to watch each Module for a minimum of six times and more if you can. Always practice a Module technique in safe interactions, until you’re able to perform it competently, in any interaction and with any person.

Your personal communication- is one of the most important skills in your career. Immerse yourself in this series – in order maximise the potential of that career.”

Key Message

‘If you don’t believe in the messenger, you won’t believe the message’.

Believable messengers take the lead and use a speaking structure.

Your tasks

To do right now, or to complete within the next 30 minutes:

1.  Prepare a simple message, in an Open, Middle, Close format, to deliver to someone, either face to face or by phone. (If you deliver it by phone and get someone’s voicemail message, that’s fine).For example, you could thank a colleague or friend who helped you out. It might sound something like this:

  • Open: ‘Damien, just wanted to thank you.’
  • Middle: ‘That help you gave me the other day on x was great.’
  • Close: ‘I really appreciated it – thanks’

Once you do the task, write down that ‘Win’ in your Win note log to ‘reward’ yourself for taking action.

2. Once you complete Task One, shoot off a short email to your manager of what you did (assuming, of course your manager is happy to receive the mail).