Confident Personal Communications

Module 9

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Another way to project confident body language is to move your body in a measured manner and stop your movement, when you need to speak.

The key message for this Module is:

When you need to speak while standing

Move, Stop, then Talk

When you are standing and have to speak, for example when delivering a presentation a common mistake is to move your body and speak at the same time.

This movement with speaking is distracting to the audience and it also can reduce you access to ideas that you want to speak. Paradoxically, stilling your body speeds up access to your thoughts.

When need to move and speak at the same time, use the following three steps – Move, Stop, then talk.

In practice it could look like this, (mk demonstrate move, stop talk,) When starting a presentation I might start presenting in this position for a moment or so,

and then I stop speaking,  move to a new position, stop, then start talking again like this.

Now I would start speaking again for a period of time and repeat that Move, stop, talk sequence to a different position and so on.

The opposite of Move, Stop, then Talk, is to keep moving while talking –  like this. So here I am moving back and forth while I’m talking and you can see that my movement is distracting to you. As I keep moving you have to work harder to focus on my message.

Key Message

When you need to speak while standing – Move, Stop, then Talk

Your tasks

To do right now, or to complete within the next 30 minutes:

How can you practice the Move, Stop then Talk technique?

A good way to do it is to think about a colleague whom you haven’t spoken to in a while. Think of a simple topic you could engage the person in.

Then walk with intention (in effect Moving) over to that person’s area, Stop near him/her and Talk. Stay in that position until you end the interaction.

To be clear, with this technique you can move the upper part of your body while keeping the lower part of your body and feet still.

Reflect on how you felt after doing these tasks. Did you feel more confident or more centred?

What else could you do to put into practice ideas from this Module? Take 13 seconds to see if an idea pops up. Maybe watch the Module again if you have time.