Is there a code for Being Heard?

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Have you noticed?

There are a lot of ‘talking heads’ within organisations. At times it’s like a cacophony of noise?

Are you able to rise above that noise and Be Heard? When you’re having a one on one interaction or having a group meeting, how well can you influence the person or the group, when you don’t have authority? How well do you listen and speak under pressure?

Can you ‘own’ client coffee meetings? Do you know how to engage a senior executive in a chance encounter? Do you look forward to one on one meetings with your boss?

There is a code, for rising about the noise; for handling any type of interaction, encounter, meeting and presentation you’ll encounter in your workplace. Knowing the code can be the difference between being heard – and being dismissed.

My Corporate communication coaching gives individuals and teams the code. The code helps my clients have high level, time efficient interactions, meetings and discussions, and helps them be perceived as articulate, competent and interested in other people.

Please click on the following link to find out more about my Corporate communication coaching and about five package offerings.


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