Avoid this body language error in the boardroom

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Picture this. . . You’re in a business meeting and we can freeze time at a random moment. Images of every person in the meeting, at that moment, are displayed on a screen in front of the room.  What would your image convey about you? Hello I Am Engaged Name Tag Sticker Engagement Involved Interest

Assuming you were not speaking at the frozen moment, I’d suggest you’d want to be perceived as being intelligently curious and engaged.

Let me explain that.

Often in meetings I attend a number people are displaying behaviours that wouldn’t be perceived as being intelligently curious and engaged. They’re playing with their smart phone, or grooming their cuticles or stroking their hair or looking vacant etc. In effect, they’re leaving negative impressions.

You can fall into the trap of falsely assuming that if you’re not speaking/interacting in a meeting – that you’re not leaving impressions.

This is often the reason for the above behaviours. If people could see live footage of themselves (that other people can readily see) most would change their behaviour.

I suggest to my business pitch and executive coaching clients, that in any meeting, they should be present. Fully listen and observe the person who is speaking. Consider what they’resaying. Respond or interject as appropriate.

Being present and engaged will be displayed through your face and body – and ‘present’ you – as intelligently curious and in a positive light.

Your CALL to action/HOW to apply for this post:  Be fully present and engaged in any interaction, meeting and presentation, and observe the level of ‘presentness’ and engagement of other people.

p.s. U.S. president Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”. I experienced a great demonstration of this motto last week. Let me explain. On Thursday night I inadvertently stepped on my eye glasses, damaging the frame. I didn’t know if the frame could be repaired or what the cost would be.

I brought the damaged eye glasses to my optometrist last Saturday. At the store the manager greeted and interacted with me, with energy and warmth and proceeded in no time at all, at no charge, to repair my glasses and give them a thorough clean with a fit better than I had before they were damaged.

This was the one of the best demonstrations of excellent customer service I’ve ever had.  I recommend his services highly. Here are the optometrist’s details:

Nicholas Kouknas, OPSM Crows Nest, e: 1439storemailbox@luxottica.com.au ph: (02) 9438 2100

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