Learn from IKEA’S simplicity virture

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One of IKEA’s propositions of doing business, coined by its founder is: Simplicity is a virtue*. Complicated rules can paralyse. Planning is necessary but it can become red tape. Exaggerated planning can be fatal. Let simplicity and commonsense guide you.

The ‘Simplicty is a virtue’ proposition correlates with one of my key mantras in my work with clients. Namely, ‘Simplicity sells’. The ‘simplicity’ message came to mind during a business pitch coaching session this week with a client. As one of the presenters delivered a short pitch, it was difficult to identify the key message. What came to my mind was ‘complexity confuses’.

Your Call to action/How to apply for this post: In the next seven days in your interactions, meetings and pitches, let simplicity guide you.

(* A caveat: Anecdotal evidence regarding the assembly of IKEA’s products reveals that it is not always simple. The ‘Simplicity is a virtue’ proposition, I believe, refers to IKEA’s internal processes)

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