If you want to be successful be a believable messenger

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If you don’t believe in the messenger you won’t believe the message. And you can’t believe in the messenger unless you know what the messenger believes.
People expect their leaders to speak out on matters of values and conscience.

Top-level executives speak out – again and again – on their beliefs and on their vision for their people and their organisation. Through their personal communication they inspire their team members to take action and to believe in themselves.

My Executive personal communication coaching service helps executives to be perceived as inspiring, articulate, credible and interested in their audiences. The service helps executives improve how they listen, speak, and ask questions.

It helps executives improve how they respond to questions, how they use their voice, and how they present, handle, carry and conduct their body.

Please click the following link to learn more about my Executive personal communication service and how it is packaged.

Executive Personal Communication Coaching

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  • Drew

    Interesting thought. Would love to see a framework for leaders to follow to work with this sometimes.

  • Michael Kelly

    This is something for me to think about Drew. Thanks

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