“If you are not on fire . . .

 In Message creation

. . . you will lose to someone who is.”

This quote is from the Little red book of selling. I heard the quote while listening to an audio-recording on the website Leader Network.org. Here is the link: http://www.leadernetwork.org/

The site has interviews on leadership from a wide array (mainly from the USA) of leaders. The interviews are five to six years in the past, yet there are timeless gems shared by the various leaders. Leaders who are interviewed include  John Wooden, Lou Holtz, Herb Kelleher, Zig Ziglar, Jim Kouzes and several others.

I often listen to the interviews on my train trip back to Roseville from my corporate consulting in the Sydney CBD.

The how to apply for this post: To upgrade the quality of your leadership identity and and leadership skill, when you have ‘down time’, put your headphones into your mobile phone, visit the Leader Network.org site and choose a leader listen to.

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