Here an easy way to practice for informal interaction with senior execs

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Picture this. You’ve just sat down and settled yourself at a meeting room table. You look at your prospective client. What’s the first thing you usually say? One question you can use to gauge how to approach the meeting is this one: ‘How’s the day started?’ or if the meeting is in the middle of the day, use ‘How’s the day been going?’.

While I don’t suggest that you always use this or similar type of question (rather tune into the rhythm of the moment to determine what to say) my sales presentation clients find that the question is a good way to open a one on one meeting. The prospect’s answer to the question will give you information about whether he/she wants to get right down to business, or wants to have some buffer space to talk about another matter before getting down to business.

Usually if the prospect wants to get down to business he will have a short response to the question. For example, he might say ‘yeah fine’. If he doesn’t want to get right down to the business he’ll usually have a longer response. For example, ‘meetings, meetings and more meetings . . . and on top of that the system when off-line this morning . . .’

I suggest that you don’t ask this question during your walk with the prospect to the meeting room. It’s more valuable to use it once you’re seated at the meeting table.

The ‘how to apply’ for this post: Over the next seven days, trial the ‘How’s the day started/been going’ question in your one on one meetings. Reflect on the results of using that question and if the results are positive, slot that question into your repertoire of opening options.

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