How to STOP being perceived as SUBMISSIVE and START projecting YOURself with CONFIDENCE

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Consider this. If you’re perceived as rushing when you speak, that is junior behaviour – and can be seen as being submissive. If you are perceived as ‘owning’ time, you’ll project confidence and it will help you be seen as a senior.

Here is a 2:12 minute CLIP with a field-tested technique to stop being perceived as submissive and start projecting yourself with confidence.

The techniques is ‘Measuring cup speaking’ and it is used by former U.S. President, Barack Obama.

Own the Conversation

Do this.

In the next seven days anytime you see a cup, glass, bottle, water container, mug etc – use that object as your trigger to use the measuring cup speaking technique.


p.s. here is post on how being overly positive can get you in trouble

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