How to MAKE your VOICE sound FRESH & NEW

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Hi Everyone,

Before the you read this week’s post, I wanted to let you know that I’ve developed a new complimentary, 30 minute keynote presentation (delivered by Videoconference) titled: How to Reshape your personal communication for a videoconference world.

Points covered in the presentation include how to limit daydreaming, and how to adapt your voice and gestures to deliver impact ‘through a screen’.  Let me know if this presentation interests you or someone you know.


Michael K.


Energy is 70% of a job – if you don’t have it be nice.

Voice energy is certainly gushing in this 6:07 minute, 2013 clip (please see clip below) of then 90 year old actor and television presenter, Nicholas Parsons.

Parson ‘whips’ his voice to us, and then that voice ‘whips’ back our attention. He wields a variety of accelerated and decelerated cadences – compelling us to listen. He uses – what I’ve coined and termed – an ‘Unpredictable wind’ voice.

What are my points in sharing this clip?

That energy is infectious, no matter your age. I’ve known people 30 years of age with a voice age of 70 years. A forty year old with a voice age of 60. And a 72 year old man (for example, former Foreign Minister of Australia, Bob Carr) who sounds like a 52 year old.

The benefits of an energy-filled, accelerated/decelerated, variable-pitched voice include the following:

Other people will perceive you as a younger, fitter person.

Your voice energy will attract people to want to interact with you. It will make you feel energised.

Here is my analysis of several aspects of Parson’s communication in the clip:

  • Note the immediate voice energy from the first word he speaks.
  • He speaks an average of 204 words per minute. This speaking speed – amazingly – is similar to that of a professional voice artist. 
  • Note his bright eyes and bright face. A person is first known by their countenance, because it is an indicator of mood and intent. Parson’s facial expression readily projects warmth, energy and vivacity.
  • He owns and occupies the physical space in front and to the sides of his body, with smooth torso movement and fluid gesturing.
  • Note how the words rolls off his tongue. This skill no doubt has been honed by a lifetime in front of the camera, but his voice and body energy contribute to his quick translation of thoughts to speech.

Here is the LINK to the clip

Own the conversation

In the next seven days, to inject fresh energy into your voice, so it sounds FRESH an NEW:

  1. Watch the first 7 seconds of Parson’s speaking (the 36>46 second segment of the clip).
  2. On your smart phone, video-record yourself saying the exact words and copying Parson’s voice speed, tone, inflection, face and body language.
  3. Re-record your rendition until your delivery ‘matches’ Parson’s.

Here are the words for you to copy:

‘Well I think there are arguments for both… I mean some of the private schools of course are wonderful, but they are selective and expensive, but some of the state schools now are wonderful’

After doing this experiment, start ‘splicing’ your new voice techniques into your daily speaking.


p.s Here is an important message – in particular, for 55+ years of age, readers.

Whenever you hear someone say to you, ‘Slow down’, IGNORE THAT ADVICE. (Unless you are medically required to slow down).

What you need to do is – Speed up. In particular, speed up and inject energy into your speaking – and you’ll derive the benefits listed above.

To underscore the importance of speeding up your speaking I urge you to read my post Don’t depress your grandkids – Give yourself a VoiceLIFT

p.p.s. On 17 April I’m conducting my University of Sydney, Centre for Continuing Education, Plan & deliver memorable presentations one day workshop, by videoconference. Please enrol if the workshop interests.  Here’s one participants’s feedback about the workshop: ‘The presenter was truly fantastic. The entire day was engaging right from the start and I walked away armed with a lot more than I thought I would.’

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