Use the listening “Pause gap’ technique to upgrade your listening

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How can you listen so people want to speak to you? Another technique to add to the DBAE technique shared in last week’s blog is to use a ‘pause gap’. A pause gap is a full, one second gap after the person (ie. your conversation partner) has stopped speaking and before you begin to speak. The pause gap is best used in one on one interactions versus in group meetings.

The worth of using a pause gap includes the following: In the gap the person might add more information (in sales presentations or sales interactions this gap can help the customer add information that convinces them to buy). In the gap you have time to reflect on what the person has said and decide how to best respond. In the gap you can observe and reflect on the person’s body language and voice. This reflection can help you determine how well the person has understood what you have just said.

As to how often to use a pause gap, use your judgement and tune into the rhythm and back and forth exchange of the interaction.

This week’s ‘how to’ step is: to intermittently insert pause gaps into your one on one interactions.

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