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This week I’m pleased to share a guest article from a top performer – my friend, Duff Watkins. I urge you to read the article.


How to Introduce Yourself Anytime, Anywhere, to Anybody in the Right Way.

Duff has been mentoring people in their careers for 25+ years– from onboarding to outplacement, from public blue-chip companies to professional sport teams.  His Accelerate Performance program guides new leaders to achieve in 90 days instead of 9 months.

Please check out Duff’s work at ExecSearch International.

Own the Conversation

This statement from Duff’s post is worth repeating.

‘It’s your responsibility to introduce yourself effectively. If you can’t be bothered to communicate clearly what you do, why should your listener be bothered to remember you.’ 

Aim in the next seven days to be more articulate in introducing yourself.

p.s. Check out this post entitled: Networking techniques- ‘how to’.

#You might want to trial my Confident Personal Communication video learning programme because it will give you practical techniques to ‘Own the Conversation’.

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