How to give feedback – proven ways

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‘There is no failure – only feedback and learning opportunities’. This is a key ‘frame’ around my sales presentation and speech communication work. People openly give each other feedback about the messages they deliver, and about how they speak and present those messages.

Below are guidelines for giving feedback:

How to give feedback

1. Categories to guide your feedback

a. Face and body language

b. Voice

c. Words

d. Opening ‘hook to listen’

e. Key message and structure

f. Closing the message

g. Any overall comments (eg. props, slides, feeling tone etc.)

2. ‘Wording’ and tone for giving feedback

– I liked: _______________

– I suggest: _______________

– Say what you know to be true – with encouragement.


The ‘how to apply’ for this post: When next giving feedback to someone on their personal communication (assuming they want to receive it), use the above ‘How to give feedback’ suggestions to guide your feedback.



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