HOW to DEAL with an AGGRESSIVE audience member – OBAMA masterclass

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You may know of former heavyweight boxer, Mike Tyson’s famous quotation –

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”**

I mention this quotation, because being questioned by an aggressive audience member at the Q&A time of presentation you’re delivering – can seem like being punched in mouth.

Here is my POST with my deconstruction of a video clip of master speaker, Barack Obama, exquisitely handling and destroying an aggressive, loaded question.

The clip goes for eight minutes. I suggest watching at least the first two minutes, to get a sense of Obama’s ownership of the situation.

** Here is a LINK to the article, Mike Tyson explains one of his most famous quotes.

Own the Conversation

What impressed you most about Obama’s performance?

In the next 5 minutes make an implementation plan to adapt and practice that performance aspect that impressed you. Reflect on the effect of that practice.


p.s. here’s a post on how to handle a ‘glass half-empty’ colleague. 

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