How sharp is your belief in yourself?

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‘To be on the cutting edge you need an edge to cut with. That edge is your belief in yourself – sharp and ready to go.’**

I regularly share the above quotation in my one-on-one and group training with clients.

After sharing it, I ask the audience this question:

“How sharp is your belief in yourself?”

Then I say:

“No matter how sharp your belief in yourself is, at the current moment – over time, that sharpness will become blunt.

My take-away point is this:

Continually sharpen your belief in yourself – the value, the worth you provide – and that belief (edge) will remain sharp, will be at the ready, and will ‘cut through’ in your interactions, meetings and presentations.

** (I have forgotten the name of the author of this quotation. If you happen to know the author please send me the name. Thanks.)

Own the Conversation

Action suggestion

Over the next seven days, in your calendar make a solo, minute solo appointment with yourself.

In that appointment, reflect on the value and worth you provide and write down those thoughts.

If the sharpening your belief in yourself time proves valuable – schedule the process on an on-going basis. Perhaps every month or every quarter.

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