A proven ‘feeling’ question to answer before your meetings

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“How must this person feel first, in order for them to do what I want them to do?” Nido Qubein, U.S. entrepreneur and President of High Point University in North Carolina, made this comment in an interview I recently listened to. The power of this thought struck me when I heard it, and after reflecting on it over the last week, its impact is increasing.

In the interview, Qubein’s context for this question, was from the point of view of an entrepreneur/professional speaker offering his/her services to a customer or prospective customer. Qubein maintained that if, with integrity, you continually to ask the above question in relation to your client or prospective client – you’ll always be customer focused.

One way I want my sales presentation and speech communication clients to feel, is to feel that I understand them, their wants and their needs  – at a deep level. (Now I might not achieve that level of understanding, but that is my aim).

And this requires me to ask them tough thought-provoking questions; to listen to the answers and as appropriate, reflect over time, on the answers. Dan Sullivan, founder of The Strategic Coach organisation, makes a telling point regarding deep level communication. Sullivan has said, “The deepest level of communication, is to feel you have been profoundly understood”.

The ‘how to apply’ for this post: Over the next seven days, prior to an interaction/meeting ask yourself, “How must this person(s) feel first, in order for her to do what I want her to do”? Then answer that question and reflect/act on what you come up with.

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