“Every time you speak you’re
auditioning for leadership.”

Michael Kelly

Want to win your next audition?

Great results require influence

As you climb the corporate ladder, there are less opportunities as the competition becomes more fierce.

Your continued success is dependent on your ability to evolve as a leader.

To thrive and influence larger teams, you must be able to command the room and clearly articulate your ideas.

Michael Kelly develops leaders into master communicators and influencers. His programs have helped countless senior leaders thrive in todays competitive corporate environment.

Not getting noticed?

You are someone that has great ideas, perhaps you spend hours on business cases and presentations, yet they often get rejected or shelved. It can be both frustrating and embarrassing.

Deep down, you know that you have the ability and appetite for a more senior role, but things don’t seem to be falling in place.

You deserve to be heard and recognised. Michael Kelly can help you position yourself for success.

Command the room

Influence teams to deliver outstanding results

Clearly articulate your ideas

Michael understands

Because you are someone with strong career aspirations, an online course simply won’t suffice.

To put yourself ahead of the pack, you need tailored one­-on-one coaching.

Michael provides expert, honest feedback away from the scrutiny of your colleagues to help you become a master communicator and grow your career.

Your coaching helped me land the GM role
– General Manager Commonwealth Bank

Your business pitch consulting helped us win $10,000,000 of business.
– Account Manager, Medical Devices Company

Want to work with Michael Kelly?

Own the conversation, become a master influencer

  • 1. Schedule a call

    Chat with Michael, find out if there is a fit for you and/or your organisation. There is no obligation or pressure.

  • 2. Receive a proposal

    Review your personalised proposal. When you are ready, you can commence your program.

  • 3. Grow your influence

    Soon you'll be communicating with more clarity, engaging more people and delivering outstanding results.

What’s the cost?

Your initial call with Michael is complimentary, in fact it may be one of the most valuable calls you make this year.

If you are losing the ‘verbal’ battle it could be costing you more than you think.

To grow your career and get noticed by those who matter, you need a proven, experienced coach.

Michael will help you develop an influential corporate identity that puts you on the political map. By developing your communication style and ability to present your ideas in an influential, articulate manner, you’ll soon be in control of your career direction.

Access our library of Tools and Resources

  • Amplify your influence & effectiveness
  • Get your ideas across with more clarity
  • Win more pitches
  • Gain respect from Senior Management
  • Learn to handle difficult situations with composure
  • Grow a thriving career
  • Develop a leadership identity