Here’s how to ‘own’ and occupy physical space when communicating

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In a ‘Talks at Google’ clip Professor Rajagopal Raghunathan (RR) demonstrates how to ‘own’ and occupy the physical space.

To observe this demonstration please view the 47-14 – 47:50 minute section of the clip.

Here’s my analysis of the section:

  • Overall with slow, measured and broad gesturing, RR is ‘claiming the physical space’. RR doesn’t rush his gesturing.  Through reducing the speed of gesturing, RR increases his level of seniority.
  • The gestures are well paired with the points RR is making.
  • At 47:29 – 47-39 RR holds wide extended arms, with firm hand and fingers – stationary – for six seconds. This posture signals that he feels deserving of taking up the space.
  • Measured gesturing paired with ‘Measuring cup speaking’ *conveys that RR is a domain expert. (*in the 2:12 video clip I demonstrate the ‘Measuring cup speaking’ technique.

Here is the LINK for the clip

Own the Conversation

Implementation idea

To practice owning space, within the next seven days, schedule one time to do the following, when order a coffee, juice et al from a cafe.

Namely, throughout the time you are ordering, hold stationary in front of your body – an extended arm with a firm hand, palm upward and with firm fingers. (No, they won’t think of you as weird).

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