A great question to counter your overconfidence

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Harry Beckwith in his landmark book Selling the Invisible (Thomson Texere, 2001) comments on the Overconfidence bias.  From pages 74-75 of the book I’ll quote and paraphrase him:

“On answers of which people say they are totally – 100 percent – certain they are right only 85 percent of the time. In other words, 15 percent of the time you think you are absolutely certain you are absolutely wrong.

. . .that 15 percent is the most leveragble part of your business. Find it, and attack it . . .The head of Chiat Day ad agency, Jay Chiat, carries a note in his pocket. The note reminds him that whenever he is in an argument he should remember the note’s three words: Maybe he’s right”.

The how to apply for this post:  Following Beckwith and Chiat’s advice, in the next seven days when you’re in an argument or in a challenging interaction, remember three words: “Maybe he’s right”.

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