Handling fear in sales presentations: Technique one

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To handle fear in sales presentations, care more about the audience getting the key message of your presentation, versus any fear that you have. Think about it this way. Instead of worrying about the ‘spotlight’ of the audience on you, imagine the reverse. Imagine the spotlight directed on the audience. Put the focus on them and their needs.

If your focus, is firstly on the audience, you may still have fear, but you’ll subordinate that fear to what the audience needs. You’ll tend not to display fear through your voice, face and body, because you know that will distract the audience from your key messages.

You may still have fear in presenting, but it will be secondary to you delivering your key messages with clarity and confidence.

Here a ‘how to’ for your next sales presentation. Just before you start, imagine a big spotlight, above and behind you, lighting up the audience, and you ready to focus on their needs, and on helping them. 

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