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I was recently re-reading an Economist article entitled Standing Tall – Why good posture helps you. In the article the research of Li Huang and Adam Galinsky was discussed. Now you’ve heard that good posture can help you, but what struck me, is that it can also make you braver.

Here’s an excerpt from the article. “. . . Huang and Galinsky went on to test the effect of posture on other power-related decisions: whether to speak first in a debate, whether to leave the site of a plane crash to find help and whether to join a movement to free a prisoner.

In all three cases those who had sat in expansive postures chose the active option (ie. to be braver) – to speak first, to search for help, to fight for justice – more often than those who sat crouched.”

In my speech communication and sales presentation work, Huang and Galinsky’s findings ring true. As I lead workshops and consult with clients, the people who are engaged and readily contribute are those who sit in expansive postures.

Here a link to Galinsky’s blog to read more on body signaling: http://www.liquida.com/adam-galinsky/

The how to apply for this post: Practice and reflect on the impact of the following. In the next seven days in your meetings, feel the back of your chair as you sit in an erect, slightly forward posture.

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