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Hi Everyone,

Last week I mentioned a new complimentary, 30 minute keynote presentation (delivered by Videoconference) titled: How to Reshape your personal communication for a videoconference world.

I’ll be conducting several of these presentations in the upcoming weeks. Points covered in the presentation include how to limit daydreaming, and how to adapt your voice and gestures to deliver impact ‘through a screen’.  Let me know if this presentation interests you or someone you know.


Michael K


What’s a simple practical way to make your speaking have more impact. Impact that might approach that of 90 year old Nicholas Parsons analysed in last week’s post.

One way to do this, is to change meaning by emphasising different words in a sentence.

As a practice drill, for the sentences below, speak aloud the first sentence with no word emphasised. Then for sentences 2>6, emphasise the bolded word with a slower speed, a heightened pitch or increased loudness.

  1. My idea is one we must immediately adopt – (Un-emphasised)
  2. MY idea is one we must immediately adopt – (Talking about self)
  3. My IDEA is one must immediately adopt – (Idea important)
  4. My idea is one WE must immediately adopt – (Inclusion is the key)
  5. My idea is one we MUST adopt – (This is mandatory)
  6. My idea is one we must IMMEDIATELY adopt – (Do it now) **

** (from Advocacy by John Daly)

Own the Conversation

Within the next seven days make an implementation plan to use one of the above emphasis techniques to drive home a message.

Options might include:

  • In a meeting with your boss. For example, ‘X – for that IDEA you had the Y project, let me share some thoughts’.
  • In making a point in your leadership team meeting. For example, ‘My view is that we MUST start Q before the end of the quarter.’
  • With a direct report who is coasting on a project. For example, ‘X, We NEED, to work on accelerating this initiative’.


p.s. Here is a post on What is a pre-mortem and how to use it in planning for a pitch.

Every time you speak, you’re auditioning for leadership.

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