FLAT, uninspiring, stilted FIRST SPEECH – A. Albanese

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The first impression of a leader at their first, public presentation – is important.

Harvard University professors Nalini Ambady and Robert Rosenthal of Harvard University conducted a study where they found students watching a silent video clip of a lecturer needed just 2 seconds to form lasting impressions of the lecturer.

In 2013, Bill Shorten made a poor first impression with his body language, speech and affect in his first appearance as Labor leader on an Australian Broadcasting Corporation prime time television interview with journalist Mark Simken. That first impression Shorten made, correlated highly with impressions of him in the 2019 federal election campaign.

This week Anthony Albanese made a speech where he presented himself and his ideas for the first time as the Federal Labor leader. Leaving aside the value of his policies, my body language and speech analysis of Mr. Albanese in this important presentation is this.

Overall, Mr. Albanese conveyed a flat, plodding earnestness that left me feeling uninspired. He had dull eyes, a bland face, and a monotonous voice. Repeated reference to his speaking notes made his delivery stilted. These characteristics will form a lasting impression of Mr. Albanese.

p.s. Check out this 44 second clip of a speech to the United Nations by a leader of state who was a powerful speaker – the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Cuba, Fidel Castro. (scroll down to the second clip on the page).

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