FIX your VIDEO conference ‘look’ – NOW

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Whatever can be seen

will be seen, and will form an impression

and a potential for loss or gain.

This point is contained in this week’s video clip that focuses on Key message one, of the Art of Communication through Video Conferencing, Series#1. Namely:

Make sure you set up the environment for a professional video conference.

Here is the 1:50 minute CLIP for you to view.

The four Key messages of the series are these:

ONE: Make sure you set up the environment for a professional video conference

TWO: Increase the energy certainty in your face, body and voice when you speak

THRE: Use an Open-Middle-Close speaking structure

FOUR: Be assertive in checking if your messages are understood.

Own the Conversation

Over the next seven days, consider what you could do to enhance what people see through a screen, of you and your office.

Perhaps place your camera at eye level or organise the background of your office to be non-distracting or ensure you dress as you would for a face to face meeting.


p.s. In the current environment, some of you may have upcoming job interviews. Here is a 2:28 minute CLIP on how to answer the first question in a job interview.

The clip is from my Confident Personal Communication video learning series.

From my field experience with clients, nailing the first job interview question – all things being equal – can be the difference between you winning the position and coming in second.

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