How to have an undefeated mind

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‘Celebrate your success at persevering, at not giving up.*

The essence of victory lies in the act of refusing to be defeated; Let success mean you are committed. Let failure mean, insufficient 240_F_85120525_J5k3i4DsNrNMwLg7gCLD3NIAtNwUKL2U (Large)progress.’

The above quotations are ones that resonated with me, from a great book by Alex Lickerman entitled: Undefeated Mind. I review these quotations, and others listed below – to keep my ‘mind undefeated’.

  • The true purpose of acceptance is to be more comfortable feeling pain.
  • Rate your level of anxiety moment to moment.
  • Mistaken beliefs are resistant to shattering, as a brick wall is resistant to our running through it. The true path of turning failure into success is almost never the path we imagined. Obstacles may conspire to change the path.
  • A problem is solved when it no longer makes you suffer.
  • The quality and quantity of value we create for others, is what contributes most to our happiness. Our level of happiness affects the happiness of people who are personally and physically close to us.
  • Try to at least one thing per day that supports your personal mission.

*The other day I made time to sit on my veranda of my home office, while savouring a delicious pear, and celebrate my success at persevering toward a unrealised goal that I’ve been pursuing for 5+ years.

Your CALL to action/HOW to apply for this post: Consider an area where you’ve been beating yourself up, for not achieving a goal etc. Look at the matter from another viewpoint. Move to a different, pleasant, quiet space – and for 10 minutes, reflect and celebrate your success at persevering toward this goal.

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